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Paleolithicum = Old stone age = Stone age before the advent of agriculture (before 10,000 BC all is paleolithic)
Megalithic = the first part of joung stone age (neolithicum) - that's the part of the stone age where the impressive megalith (very big stone) monuments were built. That's the time of early argiculture from about 4,600 to 2,500 BC.
Web Resources:
Goto: Paleodiet archives (inactive , but good reference)
Goto: Paleofood archives (r.chronogically)
NAT Online Food item composition and summary analysis
Look up UDSA Database
Annother Online USDA Query from Richard Archer
NaturalhubGreat paleolithic food information (home)
or directly: Fuels _Organ-overview _Protein _Sugars _Lipids
Ben Best's excellent health articles (index)
or directly: Essential fats description (with pics)
Citric Acid (Krebs) Cycle scheme
Mitochondria (cell energy plants)
Excellent vitamin B12 Information (pdf 400k)
Global land environments during the last 130,000 Ice age.
for ZONE Diet: some Basic Food Items compared to the ZONE 30/30/40 rule.
for ZONE Diet: simple REXX Funktion example to Compute Protein/fat/carb percentages of 100%.
(plus RDA protein score for a 2400 kcal meal)

D'Adamo's website And a FOOD LIST for all 4 blood groups (blood group diet ER4YT)

More web resources

this is the Venus of Willendorf, a paleolithic piece of art, illustrating one point of my DHA arguments A DHA (a long chain fatty acid) theory of brain developement get: Article on Orang Utans and Ketosis (1.2 mb) Scheme of essential FAs (omega 6 and omega 3) and enzymes
Omega Plan website (omega-n fats)
About Dr.Wolfgang Lutz's "Leben ohne Brot" "Life Without Bread"
Goto Interview with L Cordain on Paleolithic diet (at chetday).
Brain Evolution and Essential fatty acids. My own response to Prof.Cordain's last article (not (this time I'm argueing against).
Nutrisurvey Excellent free Nutrition Analysis Program in english, featuring several databases and recommendation schemes, including fatty acids. (download).
see: amadeus' phytin info collection ().
small quick Nutrition Program, Public Domain ().
W.Price Site: Infos on native nutrition forms
Pics of "mespilus germania" in my garden (500k each). _plant_ _some fruits
Pic: Saharan wild grass harvest French index of archeological sites. (French language many pictures)
Article on: Jane Goodall's Primate Research
Several essays on Protein: 1 2 3 4(very explicit)

A little tryptophan discussion on paleofood
Paleo website of Don Wiss (link collection)
The Evolution of Human Nutrition (Bogin article)
Fruits of worm climates (a complete book online)

altavista, _LEO(dictionary) _babelfish(translator)

Some more database queries (ready as html or txt)

Query, where to find the beneficial fatty acid myristic
Query, where to find the beneficial fatty acid lauric
Comparing Cysteine to Methionine and total Protein (topic: homocysteine)
Comparing Tryptophan to total Protein (For Serotonin 5HTP application)
EFA-Ratios for Prostaglandins, attempt to weight the most effective ones (~ 600 kb, own UDSA query)

Heart Diseases Section

Insulin / Glycemic Index / section topics

insulin score table with glycemic index, click to go to text


See a Inuit getting a lot of omega-3 (2.3 MB mpeg video)

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A pocket calculator in REXX

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